Throwing Your Child’s First Birthday

We just celebrated my daughter’s first birthday! I cannot believe it. She’s one. What a whirlwind of a year. From horrible experiences at daycare to awesome daycare experiences, difficulties breastfeeding to fights on social media, it’s been a fantastic year with my darling daughter. We just threw her first birthday and it was amazing, tiresome, and perfect.

The thing is, you throw the kid’s first birthday party for the parents. She has no idea what’s going on. She notices random people, some of whom she doesn’t know, are showing up at her house and giving her stuff. Sure, she likes it, but her favorite gifts were the cardboard boxes and wrapping paper the actual gifts came in.

That’s unfair to say. We love our friends so much and everyone was so kind. She made out like a bandit. But really, when you throw your kid’s first birthday, don’t be scared to get what the parents like. Like beer. You can have beer at your kid’s party. She’s one. It not like she’s going to take a few brewskies to the back and break into them with her posse. Other kids might. Watch those kids.

I felt so bad because so many people asked me what my daughter wanted as her gift.

“Well, the last time we talked, she was unsure.”

Once again, what a mean response. But I really had no idea what to say. Our friends and family were so generous with toys (which she loves), clothes, and games. Honestly, giving diapers or formula is also a fantastic gift. That’s the great thing about a first birthday, there’s really no pressure. She has no idea what’s happening. She’s going to love it.

The biggest thing we loved about the party is that we invited folks whom we loved. There was no obligatory invitation. We invited those who lived nearby and who wanted to spend the day with a bunch of kids running around and to see our daughter in a pretty, frilly dress. We were surrounded by love.

I guess the point of this post is to say thank you to everyone who helped with her party. She loved it. And also to those moms out there who want to appeal to everyone for your kid’s party– don’t. Do what you want to do. If you want to have a cake, have a cake. If you want to dress your kid up as a bear and have her run around while you eat pizza, do it. Celebrate your child how you want. Because they have no idea what’s happening.

Emmie Dress

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