Baddass Mom– My Life In Real Color

Alyssa Wheatley, blogger of My Life in Real Color, is one of the sassiest, most fun, and most caring people I’ve ever met (via FaceTime).  Even though she’s faced personal struggles, her raw sense of humor and love of her child, husband, and literature (most of the time in that order) make her blog an entertaining and relatable read.

Alyssa Wheatley is a mom, student in graduate school, and social media queen. If you don’t follow her on Twitter or Instagram, you are missing out on some fun and crazy stories.

Even though it sounds crazy, she and I met on Instagram and instantly fell in girl-crush heaven. I love everything she does–from her authentic views on motherhood to her “I don’t take no shit from no one” personality. I am SO happy to know her.

Question: My Life In Real Color is an awesome look at what it’s like to be a mom and English literature aficionado. Is this something you’ve always wanted to do, be a badass mom?

Answer: I am the oldest of six children, and growing up, part of me always knew I wanted a big family. When I became pregnant with my daughter, I was literally terrified because ummm wtf am I supposed to do? I don’t know how to grow a baby… but it quickly became clear to me that this is EXACTLY what I was meant to do. As for being an English major, yes, I have always been such a huge book nerd and getting my degrees in English Lit just happened naturally. There isn’t anything else I can see myself loving like I do literature. 

Y’all…she’s writing her thesis on James Joyce…she’s a pro.


Question: What’s your favorite thing to write about on your blog? 

Answer: My favorite things to write about on my blog are the raw and real truths that I have discovered in my short 27 years. I think that people tend to gravitate away from the truth because it’s not always so pretty, but to me, there’s beauty in truth. If I go around and tell everyone that my life is just peachy and perfect and motherhood is absolutely fabulous 100% of the time, I wouldn’t only be lying to them, but also lying to myself. I never want to be insincere about the realities of life- I am not that perfect Instagram mom, wife, or blogger but I am definitely real.

Alyssa is open about her personal struggles as a mother and as a woman, particularly with postpartum depression and eating disorders. She’s completely heartfelt and lets every mom who has ever gone through these issues know that they’re not alone.

Question: What’s your favorite blog post?

Answer: My favorite blog is a tie between Confessions of a Hot Mess Mom  or To the Person Who Commented Disgusting On My Wedding Photos. Sometimes when I’m writing, I lose myself in everything that’s happening in my mind and when I go back over it and read, I’m like I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. My life is a shit show, but I like it that way.

Y’all, these are both fantastic picks. The first article is an authentic look at the messiness of motherhood. Sometimes, it’s okay to be a mess. The second examines her daily struggles as the wife in an interracial marriage and the absurd racial remarks idiots make to her. She’s amazing and strong. Read her shit.

Question: What’s your guilty pleasure show, food, or band?

Answer: Okay, so my favorite guilty pleasure show would be Forensic Files… I know, I know it’s creepy and weird, but oh my God, it’s so interesting! I could watch it for hours… and my husband thinks it’s weird.

When it comes to food, give me all the carbs. I love bread and anything with pasta and cheese… also, wine.

As far as bands go, I like Manchester Orchestra, but I’m more of a Luther Vandross and John Legend kind of gal.

Question: Do you have any fun projects coming up?

Answer: I am actually working on an e-book and online course that deals with self-love and self-care. It’s something that we, as women, don’t do enough.

Question: On top of being an awesome mom, you’re also HUGE on social media. What advice would you have for someone just getting started?

Answer: This is only the beginning! I’m just getting started and even now, it’s important to reach out to at least every two out of four people that follow you! It sets a standard for you and builds a rapport with your followers, so they are more likely to come back to your posts because you have established a relationship! I have met so many AMAZING people through social media and the opportunities are endless!

Lastly, I would say don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and be candid. I make crazy videos on my insta-story all the time, and I’m sure that 90% of my followers think I’m insane, but I’d like to bet that I made the other 10% smile! You totally got this!


Question: You’re so busy and successful– what do you do for fun?

Answer: When I’m not working or chasing my wild child around, I love to read pretty much anything I can get my hands on, cook (a lot), drink wine and watch movies. I am a movie watching fool.

Question: What’s your greatest achievement as a mom?

Answer: This is a tough one! I’d like to say that my greatest achievement as a mom is just keeping my kid alive. Seriously, kids are wild, and this mom gig is tough. But in addition to that, I pride myself on the way I am teaching my daughter to see things and people- she is already an amazing little human and I can only imagine the things she will do in this life.

Question: What advice would you give to moms?

Answer: My advice to fellow mommies is to go with your gut. If you believe that you are doing the right thing for you and your child, then you are. Don’t listen to other people, you are the only person who knows your child like you do. People will try to tell you what they think and what they would do, but that doesn’t matter. This is your area of expertise and you might not realize it, but you already know all the answers to your questions.


Check Alyssa out. She’s a true inspiration and an awesome mama.

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