Baddass Mom– Mighty Madeline

I’ve been lucky enough to know this wildly organized and hilarious mom for the past three years. She was one of my first friends in Austin and is one of the most influential moms I know. As a social media aficionado and mother to one little firecracker, Madeline, this Baddass Mom Megan definitely tops the charts.

Question: Your blog, Mighty Madeline, has all sorts of tips and tricks about ways to be a fashionable, functional, and fun mom. Is this something you’ve always wanted to do? Be a Mom Guru?

Answer: “Mom Guru”? You flatter me. No, this isn’t something I’ve always want to do, but as a writer being a blogger is always something I’ve done. Once I had a baby and became a stay at home mom, Mighty Madeline seemed like the perfect “next step” in blogging.

And y’all. You have to . check it out. What an awesome guide to staying healthy, mindful, and fashionable while being a mom!

Question: What’s your favorite thing to write about on your blog?

Answer: Health and fitness, I’ve covered health and fitness for the past 11 years for various publications. I love to write about mommyhood and style as well, but I feel like on both topics I’m either still learning or so 2000 and late. With health and fitness, I know my stuff.

Question:  What’s your guilty pleasure show, food, or band?

Answer: When alone I watch How to Get Away with Murder and Scandal. When I’m watching TV with Bryan: LEGION. I’m a big sci-fi fan.
Food: Chips and salsa. Every. Single. Day. I could live on it.
Band: 0 clue. Two things I don’t keep up with are TV and music. I think Vampirina has some pretty clever songs, though! #momlife

Question:  Do you have any fun projects coming up?
Answer: YES! First I’ll be adding A LOT more home decor posts to the blog and IG. We just bought a house so I’ll be covering everything from remodeling and DIY to decorating. We’re also going to Ireland for the second time this summer so I’ll be focusing a lot on travel posts and fun things to do while in Cork and Dublin

I also just teamed up with my cousin to start The Social Salad!  A Facebook group that businesses can use as a free tool to learn about growing their business on social media.  Check us out at

Question: On top of being an awesome mom, you’re also a social media guru. What advice would you have for someone just getting started on social media?

Answer: Don’t try and be someone you’re not. People can see through it. I used to be obsessed with trying to find the perfect theme for my account to make everything look bright and clean, with pops of blush that everyone seems to be crazy about and I failed miserably…then one day I realized I don’t wear a lot of blush. I know its popular, but I barely own anything blush colored. And I’m not a light and bright kinda girl. So I embraced my own personal aesthetic which attracted people like me who also liked me.


Question: You’re so busy and successful– what do you do for fun?

Answer: Workout? lol.  I spend about two hours at the gym five days a week. I also try to hang with my girls whenever I can, but being that we’re all so busy all the time it can be hard. Since we don’t see each other as much as we’d like we snap constantly all day everyday. That’s probably my third favorite part of the day, getting snaps from my friends. My first is when I walk into my daughter’s bedroom in the morning and she beams a big smile at me and yells, “mommy!” The second is cuddling with Bryan in bed at night.

Question: What’s your greatest achievement as a mom?
Answer: Keeping my kid alive (so far)…

Question:  What advice would you give to moms?
Answer: “This too shall pass” While Motherhood is permanent, the stages of motherhood are not. I loved the first year of being a mom, but some women struggle with it. I have friends who love the ages of 1-3, but I’ve been struggling with it. Maddie is whiny and bratty and selfish and doesn’t listen and everything else under the sun that is frustrating. I remind myself everyday that it will pass and my patience goes much further than my impatience.


Megan also says: I’d love to be social with you! Check me out on IG: @mightymadeline

You won’t be disappointed with her creative and awesome site! Seriously. The only reason my outfits match even a little bit is because of her.

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