How a Working Mom Schedules Her Life and Pretends to Be Organized

It’s true– I work a lot. Probably too much. It’s hard when you love both your job and your family. Whether you’re a busy work-from-home mom like Mighty Madeline or a working outside-the-home mom like me who spends too much of her time away, or studying, or blogging, it’s important to keep a pretty organized schedule.

Look, I’m definitely not the picture of organization. In every annual review I have, the disaster of the desk I keep is always an issue. That being said, I want to make sure that I see my daughter every day, try to eat healthily, budget, and rest. Take a look at how we do it.


Sundays with a toddler
Our busy Sundays

Sundays are pretty busy. We begin our day with our darling’s happy screeches around 6:30-7:00 a.m. Once we’re up, we get her dressed, give her breakfast, and just hang out for an hour or so.

Sundays are our days to get household duties done, including meal prep, budgeting, and laundry. So, here we go.


My husband and I got into a bit of debt after we had our baby. An unexpected gallbladder surgery left us out around $4,000 out of pocket. So, we quickly realized the need to budget.

Surgery prep
Right before gallbladder surgery

Every Sunday, my husband and I sit down on You Need A Budget, an awesome app which easily calculates our budget, and we make sure we’re on track. With this app, we’ve managed to drastically increase our net-worth and keep track of our finances.

Since we budget every week, it usually takes us only about 20-30 minutes to update everything (which means my husband asks why I bought yet ANOTHER copy of Pride and Prejudice— “The introduction is by Harold Bloom in this one!”).

Meal Prep

Let’s cut to it– I’m overweight. I was before I got pregnant and I am still after I’ve had my darling. Having my daughter has inspired me to work hard to lose weight. Although I don’t go to the gym as often as I’d like, I do work hard to prep my meals every week. So, on Sundays, my husband and I take a look at our Keto cookbook, add up fat, calories, carbs, and proteins, and plan our week.

Another big thing we look at it is common ingredients. It doesn’t have to be the same meat necessarily, but we do look at common spices and vegetables.

We keep our schedule printed on the fridge so we know exactly what’s for lunch or dinner. Then, we work together to pre-make a lot of the meals, usually via crockpot, and we’re set for lunch and dinner the rest of the week!

Then, we order our groceries through Shipt. I realize this awesome delivery service isn’t available for every area, but I think it’s totally worth it to get the groceries delivered so we can spend our time together. Once the groceries arrive, we make them.

Ordering groceries and making the meals usually takes about an hour’s time total.

School Work

While our darling is napping, I take that time to study or do lesson plans.

LPC, here I come!

Being in grad school, working full time, blogging, and being a mom (in that order…just kidding), can be tough. Without a super supportive husband, it wouldn’t work out. It also wouldn’t work out without a pretty strict schedule. Sundays, I love you.

Time with Grandpa

All of the above happens before 5:00. Then, we take the wee one to her great-grandfather’s house, one of the greatest people on the planet. There, we spend time together, I continue to do schoolwork, and we have an awesome time. It’s also my cheat day because Grandpa always provides the best food.

Also, they’re for real best friends. This is by far the most important day of the week just because they’re so freaking cute.


Monday-Thursdays are pretty much the same. I wake up around 6:30 to leave by 7:20 to be at work by 8:10ish.

Emmie wakes up at 7:00, so I have time to chat with her a bit, help get her dressed, and make her lunch. It doesn’t always work out that way, but I do get to see her.

Thursday evenings, I leave work between 6:30-7:00 pm to arrive home between 7:15 and 7:30. You read that correctly. Austin traffic is a hot mess.

Her dad picks her up from daycare around 6:00, so I’m home somewhat shortly after.

The babe’s bed time isn’t until 8:30, so we have time to hang out a bit before she goes to bed. I devote whatever time I have to seeing her. We play, we laugh, we chill. It’s cool.


After she goes to bed, I do light housework, plan for the next day, and do some grad school work. Assignments are due Tuesday, so I typically stay up until midnight getting those assignments in. Then, up again the next morning!


Friiiidaaaaays are awesome. I only work until 2:30. THEN it’s Mommy Baby day! I get to pick her up from daycare and hang out until Daddy gets home!

Supermom and cutie baby
Mom and baby time.

Fridays are also the days major assignments are due in graduate school. Once Kevin gets home (6:00), he usually takes her so I can finish them up. I work either until midnight or just stay up all night. You know, no big deal. Even though she and I only get a short three hours, it’s our time together 🙂


Sleeping baby
Our Saturdays

Saturdays are sort of rest/hang out/chill days. I still try and get some school work done so as not to stress out on Sundays, but playing with Emmie is the most important thing. We wake up at our usual 6:30-7:00. Kevin lets me sleep in most Saturdays if I’ve pulled an all-nighter, which is uper

\o nice.

We go to the park! We go to the splash pad! We play in the yard! It’s really our day to hang out. I even go to the gym some Saturday mornings. It’s our day to just be.

Oh, and we get housework doneish these days…mostly major laundry is done on Saturday, but light housework is done throughout the week.

Baby cleaning
Emmie cleaning

Sometimes, Kevin and I even take date nights. SOMETIMES I EVEN SEE MY FRIENDS. This happens about once a month. Please don’t hate me, friends.

Saturdays are also the days I write my blogposts, work on social media, etc.  I also check out other mom tidbits or other check out what other awesome moms are doing so I can get ideas on how to be awesome, too. This usually takes place during Emmie’s nap…if I don’t also nap.


So… there it is. That’s how we keep a tight ship around here that isn’t really that tight, but we try. How do you, busy parent, keep your house organized?


4 thoughts on “How a Working Mom Schedules Her Life and Pretends to Be Organized

  1. I like to sit down on Sundays with my Passion Planner and fill out our weekly family calendar. Things are different week by week around here, so that’s how we keep it all organized. Thanks for sharing!


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