Why My Husband is Great–And Why Yours Should Be, Too

Hello, Ladies and Gents. Look at this handsome man:

Young love
Seeing Thrice, Deftones, and Rise Against!

That’s my husband. I know what you’re thinking– who is that good looking woman next to him? Just kidding. I know everyone’s thinking how amazingly attractive he is. Not to rub it in, but he’s an even more amazing father and husband.

Young couple in love
Ah, our young days in college

You see, my husband picks up a lot of the slack. I leave at 6:30 a.m. and don’t return home until 7:00 p.m. Part of that is because of the distance between home and work, but another part of it is because I just keep moving. I’m in graduate school, I have my blog, and I was recently featured in Her View From Home, a lifestyle magazine. He supports me through it all. He drops off the babe and picks her up, makes dinner, washes dishes, and does laundry. All on top of working full time as a software engineer. Perhaps I’m a terrible wife and perhaps I’m a horrible mom, but the point here is–he’s an amazing dad.

Regardless of how amazing HE is every day, he makes sure to tell ME what an awesome mom I am. Every day. Every time I cry because I think how awful I am to pursue my ambitions. Every time I need coffee or tea because I have an assignment due which I, of course, didn’t start until the last minute. Every time I need to sleep in because I was up late writing, writing, writing. He helps. He tells ME how amazing I am. Right now, he’s vacuuming while I write this.

Computer dads and babies
Starting early: Apple babies

What bothers me, though, is how many women I see in my mom’s group complain that their husbands have never told them how incredible they are. Their sacrifices are never acknowledged. Their hard work is never appreciated. Then their husbands complain when their wife asks them to go get the screaming baby while the wife is simultaneously carrying one babe on their hip, making dinner, and doing the dishes. If any of you think this is impossible, it’s not. I know because I’ve seen my husband do it.

Dear wives, know that you’re amazing. You work so hard and deserve to be told so. Being a parent is hard. Sure, most of us signed up for this, but it doesn’t diminish the exhaustion we feel. If your husband doesn’t tell you, I will– you’re inspiring, you hard-working warrior. You deserve to be told every day.

To husbands– yes, my husband goes way above and beyond what any parent should have to. He does a vast majority of the work, and I’m working on that. But why can’t you do the minimum? Why can’t you help your wives when they are doing a vast majority of the work? Their job is not easy. Let me repeat that: Their job is not easy. They need your help, or at the very least, your utmost support. Be a parent. Be a dad. Help.

Oh, Mama Cashman. This isn’t all husbands. I know, I just told you one that it isn’t. But the amount of moms who wrote how little their husbands think it’s necessary to help or praise them is astonishing. Be a partner. Be a team.

And thank you, my love. You truly are SuperDad. I’m so happy to have you on mine.

Dad and baby
My team.

9 thoughts on “Why My Husband is Great–And Why Yours Should Be, Too

  1. Yes!!! Your husband is the bomb diggety and you deserve praise for pointing it out!!! Sure, he does more than most, but many wives need to praise their husbands more too, both privately and publicly!


  2. This is wonderful! Great job complimenting him for what he does. Sometimes husbands get lost in the fold when it comes to praise.


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